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Get the pilot certificate. Select your course in the directory.

In this 21st century aviation training pilots of small aircraft takes place at the Aviation training center (ATC) Civil aviation flying clubs DOSAAF of Russia on a commercial basis. Training plan aviation training pilot is 40 hours, the training plan aviation training pilot athlete DOSAAF Rossii is 33 hours and 20 minutes.

How to become an Airline Pilot: our recipe for success Licensed commercial pilot.

At the end of education, the applicant will become a licensed private pilot. This permission gives you the opportunity to work as second pilot, a pilot for many aircraft, and aircraft commander on a single pilot aircraft. In order to get promoted to the commander of the crew you must collect at least 1500 hours of experience. Now everyone has a chance to build any career change life and achieve results, despite the availability of education, age or financial position.

loans for vocational education plans from zero to an Airline Pilot.

Now everyone has the opportunity to obtain credit for teaching students from Russia, up to 95% of the cost. We have trained people from the CIS and Europe and acquire education from zero to the pilot license and airline ICAO. Having a degree and a license, you have the chance to work hard at the helm of passenger Airliners and business jets. In order to obtain Training - Experience - Work – Career, just choose the appropriate courses.

Our advantages.

In what city to get an education, and in what plane depends on you. For You it will be a great opportunity to change lives, to escape from the boring everyday problems, find new, with nothing comparable to the sensation of flight. the Instructors have a lot of experience, they have done more than 10,000 hours in flight. Receive high quality, easy to perceive, theoretical training, based on an extensive database of training materials and experience of teaching staff.

License commercial pilot.

you Have a desire to work as a pilot of a commercial aircraft or experience the sensation of flying? select more innovative certified air school will get the opportunity to turn their dream into reality! For practice you can choose the aircraft with the latest equipment and modern technology - Cessna 172S, PIPER Seneca and other aircraft that have the security, ease and are perfect for beginners. After you complete the course You can get a European licence commercial pilot, which gives the opportunity to implement commercial flights within the EU and beyond. airworthiness of aircraft for flight creates technical personnel, certified in accordance with EASA Part 145 and the supervising organization CAMO.

what determines the cost of training as a pilot?

    from the chosen curriculum.

    the number of hours of training.

    from time to time of residence in the country, where the practice.

    the desire to obtain additional training.

    from forms of training (resident or correspondence).

    from the course of dealing with his fear of heights before training.

the Cost of training to be a pilot. How to save?

All expenses for training are reduced through the reduction of plaque, which is achieved by passing high-quality theoretical training pilots. One flight hour on the plane the Yak-18T in the average price of 12,000 rubles, the value can change from many factors to hundreds of thousands of rubles. the Job of a pilot is considered to be one of the most complex human activities, in pilots only take people with good health and courage, great knowledge and skills.
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