Conversion techniques and replicas



In this directory Tekhklub offers a list of conversion of decommissioned equipment with conservation, storage, which can be buy at an affordable price for civilian purposes.

Sold written off after demilitarization: BMP, BRDM, BTR, SAU. Our website can also buy real decommissioned tank on the go T-34 and for pedestals. Also in the catalog Tekhklub you can order or select from what is in stock and engineering equipment, such machines as: BAT, MDC, MT-LB, GTU and other models. The written-off equipment was demilitarization, and has all the necessary documents for sale.

to Purchase a conversion technique with storage and replica military equipment in the catalog

On the website sold charged wheel conversion technique and crawler conversion technique. This technique is very relevant for the Patriotic societies, comes to museums, theme parks, centers of Patriotic education of the younger generation. The theme of patriotism in in recent years, very popular and supported by authorities. the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said: «we Do not and cannot be any other unifying idea, except for patriotism”.


Tekhklub are searching backline requests parks and Patriotic organizations. We do restoration, repair, and delivery of the decommissioned conversion and engineering equipment. We are interested in a long-term partnership with each client, so the decision task approach a complex and at the same time individually.

Sell written-off conversion technique with storage Tekhklub

in order to place on sale or transfer for free to a needy Museum existing technique, just click "sell equipment". Enter the information -a description of the technical condition of your equipment. Also, write the desired value, comments, requests. All equipment should be subject to formal re-registration, if necessary, registration.

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