Monuments to military technology



Company Tehclub provide search services restoration and installation of conversion equipment written off as monuments to the pedestal.

In this section of the catalog shows the written-off equipment and high-quality replica of the legendary military machines of the great Patriotic war for the pedestals. Prices in the catalog are acceptable. Vehicles are sold with all the necessary documents only for civilian use. Models - replicas of military equipment, which it presents, externally, meet military "brothers", but can only be used for decorative purposes. These machines are popular with Patriotic societies, public bodies and private collectors and owners of museums. The theme of patriotism in recent years, very popular and supported by authorities. the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said: "we Do not and cannot be any other unifying idea, in addition to patriotism." Putin Tekhklub professional approach to every order. High-quality restoration techniques of the second world war, painting and delivery of equipment to the desired location and to the desired date - our main advantages. If you have a problem to buy decommissioned equipment storage or a good replica - but ask the experts.
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