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Buy a decommissioned Tank for civil use in the Museum or Patriotic club

the ultimate dream of fans of military equipment is to buy a tank on the move. In our catalogue you will find many real tanks for museums and replica by way of WWI.

Sold demilitarized Soviet tanks on the move and for the pedestal:

T-26, T-27, T-29, T-34, T-37,T-44, T-45, T-55, T-60, T-62, T-70 and Tank BT-5 KV-1.

Replica German tanks for sale: 


    T-2, Pz.Kpfw. II the

  • T-3, PzKpfw III
  • Tiger VI Ausf. H1 the

  • SHTUG-3 (StuG III)
  • the
  • LT vz.38

American tanks of world war II in the directory:

  • Tank M4 Sherman
  • the
  • Tank M3 “If”

We offer only high-quality equipment, each tank undergoes full preparation before selling. If you are bored with riding on modern vehicles, like the walk for you baby talk, it's time to think about how to buy a tank. We provide the legal sale of tanks. Our equipment has the quality design and reliability in use. I Agree, the price of the tank is quite high, and further service will cost a lot. But the experience you get from running your own tracked machine is much more expensive. This technique is suitable for travel, hunting and off-road driving. Most collectors and fans of military technology dream of such iron. We provide all the documents on the technique, so your owning a tank is perfectly legal. Avoid procrastination with law enforcement agencies, in any case can not buy a tank have outbid. You should only work with authorized dealers to ensure that purchased equipment was lawful.

How to buy a real tank after demilitarization

most Likely you've heard that a decommissioned military tank can be purchased at a very low price. Surely even met the announcement of the sale of such equipment. Usually, the cost of such tanks does not exceed 10 thousand dollars. But is it true? Most often decommissioned military equipment no longer suitable for use, as it is very old and cannot be repaired. the written-off equipment must undergo demilitarization. What is it? In other words, disarm. The tank will be stripped of all weapons and welded all the trunks. If you are planning to use the tank in agriculture for rides, Hiking or Patriotic education - will need expensive repairs to settings of all equipment. Most of the details will have to be replaced with a new one to the tank was on the move. If you purchase a tank from us, you will get a fully civilian labor equipment suitable for use. If you want to add more options – imitation kolomenskogo shot for filming, for example, we will be happy to improve your car. The price of such a tank can not be low. Arnold Schwarzenegger bought a tank for 1.4 million dollars from Austria. where he was a driver-mechanic sometime while serving in the army. To buy a demilitarized tank can you.

Arnold Schwarzenegger bought tank Arnold Schwarzenegger bought tank

All tanks are presented on the website are complete package of documents, the transaction of purchase and sale completely transparent. Of course, all the equipment has been demilitarized, so the use of a tank for combat purposes impossible. But appearance and handling characteristics indistinguishable from the original. The technique has the same, or similar, depending on the modification, properties, patency, reliability and appearance. All further service we undertake. In our center you will always find the necessary parts and carry out repairs as necessary. Please note, all equipment has only civilian purposes. It is used only in a Patriotic, educational, recreational, and decorative purposes.

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