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Air adventure

Flying over the Moscow region in the small plane — what can be more exciting and romantic? With us you can buy a flight on a plane and go on an unforgettable trip through the air. For the most courageous — the ability to manage awesomem. during the flight on the training models L-29 Delfin and L-39 Albatros of the Czech Republic will be the figures complex and aerobatics: loops, rolls, rolls, rolls. You will see an unforgettable spectacle of a world turned upside down, the earth at different angles. You can imagine that you moved during the great Patriotic war and participate in mortal combat with the enemy. You and your friends are guaranteed an unforgettable experience that you will remember for many years. The price of the flight is quite affordable. If this sounds too extreme, you can choose a scenic flight in a comfortable environment and enjoy the colorful views of Moscow from the height of 300-500 m. You will see how the flying will hear the conversations with the Manager and between the pilots, and if there is a desire to try to manage the iron bird. At the end of the tour you are waiting for a smooth landing on the airfield.

Walking or flying?

If you are a romantic, like to dream, want to enjoy a family holiday with children, more suited to air walk. Going on a trip with your beloved, it is better to choose double ship, but for the entire family or with friends — four. Aerobatics perfect for fans of extreme sports, bold and courageous people, hungry for thrills. Soar above the earth, feel the power of the aircraft, subject to your will. Buy a flight on a plane, you can not only for myself, this adventure can be a great gift.

How to prepare for the flight?

If you are planning a walk extreme, it is better to refrain from a hearty Breakfast (or lunch) in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. If you wear glasses, before traveling it is better to replace them with contact lenses, or just to remove. scenic flight requires no training. Preferred loose clothing. Don't forget your camera or camcorder.

are There any restrictions?

Manage the aircraft can be 18 years old. To fly the Yak-52 is contraindicated in diabetes, mental disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, heart disease, expectant mothers. scenic flights you can take double planes from 16 years of age, and four - six years old accompanied by an adult.

Romantic vacation

All flights are conducted in daylight in good weather conditions. The duration of travel on a Cessna-172 - 20 minutes. The price of the flight starts from a few thousand, depending on its type. Give yourself and your friends an unforgettable romantic film.
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