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Buying and selling excavators new from the manufacturer and used.from. from the owner

One of the preparatory stages of construction are earthworks. Their list includes Stripping, loosening and compaction of soil, digging of trenches and pits, decrease in groundwater level. All these steps are performed by excavators – earthmoving machine equipped with a rotary bucket. This type of machinery is used to excavate soil and move it a certain distance or loading into a truck. Buy excavator on Tehclub.ru. On our site contains a large number of proposals for the sale of machinery. The minimum price is in the range of several tens thousand roubles, and maximum – in the tens of millions of rubles.

In each of the ads contains:

  • technical specifications mining and loading machine;
  • the
  • its high-quality photos;
  • the
  • terms of purchase and cost;
  • the
  • contact information of the seller.
On the platform Tekhklub you can not only buy, but also profitable to sell excavator. For this you need to register and fill in all the fields in a special form.

Types of dredges are presented in the marketplace

On Tehclub.ru implemented these types of diggers:
  1. Universal (special equipment with one movable bucket, automated electric drive and "breaking down" arrow).
  2. the
  3. Career (large appliances used for field development and subsequent production of minerals).
  4. the
  5. Special (equipment designed for certain types of work).
In addition, you can buy a backhoe loader that performs the function of loading, transferring and unloading of bulk materials. The machine is equipped with grab bucket, tipping bucket-a box, a bucket, a shovel, a tub spout and conveyor.

On Tekhklub excavators are available with these types of undercarriage:

  1. Walking (technique, moving on three kind of skiing, each of which is operated by its own hydraulic cylinder).
  2. the
  3. Floating (of a machine on a detachable pontoons operated by hydraulic mechanisms).
  4. the
  5. Caterpillar (machinery that moves with the track).
  6. the
  7. Wheeled (vehicles equipped with 4 wheels and front and rear supports).
  8. the
  9. Rail (construction equipment, crawler or having a wheelbase and additional iron wheels for movement on rails).
  10. the
  11. Underground (machines equipped with tracks and pneumatic wheels with rack-and-pinion or rope pressure).

On our website you can also find:

  1. Small excavators, whose average weight is only 5-7 m
  2. the
  3. Mini excavators, weight 1.7 tons and a capacity of 10-20 horsepower.
If you want to buy a backhoe used, we will find you suitable options. This equipment has lower price with the same base power. Besides, the machines previously used, guaranteed to have no manufacturing defects, and all their parts have been tested and are well suited to each other.
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