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Buying and selling forklifts, new and used.from. from the owner

Loader – a versatile technique designed for lifts, grips, moving and stacking various types of cargo. Buying a forklift is a perfect solution for construction companies or businesses requiring rapid intervention of heavy equipment to support work. For example, a forklift can be useful when working with loads, when performing installation work, to snow removal, backfill gravel, etc.

types of trucks

If you decide to buy a forklift, you should consider that this technique is classified according to the following criteria: the
  • By type of cargo handling – for example, bucket loaders are used for moving bulk materials, while the forklift is adapted to work with piece goods;
  • the
  • Drive motor or the trucks (with the DIC);
  • the
  • Chassis – wheeled or on tracks;
  • the
  • the type of operations performed – cyclic or continuous process;
Based on the data characteristics you can select the optimal model loader to perform General, or any specific task on the object.


For this type of equipment there is always a demand, and you can always sell the forklift for any large warehouse or factory, where needs constantly to transport and make loading/unloading unit loads. Primary work on such equipment, forks. They are two massive strips of metal, curved at an angle of 90°. Telescopic hydraulic lift allows you to lower and raise the forks with the load at installed height. If you decide to buy a front loader, you should consider a different model, with lateral forks (in some cases, this technique is much easier to use). To drive, these trucks install a diesel, petrol or gas engine. The wheelbase is different solid-rubber or pneumatic tires. Forklifts, regardless of design type, have the following performance characteristics: the
  • the
  • Height of lifting cargo up to 5.5 m;
  • the engine Power in the range of 20-100 HP, There are models, equipped with more powerful engine; the

  • the angle of the lift – forward 3°, back up to 12°.
Given these characteristics, you can easily choose the best option. Forklift (with bucket) for bulk cargo If you are constantly working with bulk materials (for example, on the construction site or in road construction), you can buy forklift used, to accomplish the task. You can buy shovel forks and bucket equipment.

Loaders with a single bucket

As a working tool in such machines is one of a large bucket mounted on the boom. This type of machinery is widely used for loading/unloading bulk cargo such as gravel, sand, rubble, garbage, coal, etc. It is noteworthy that in place of the bucket on the boom you can install other modules, which are available in a wide range. For example, after the modification, the loader can be converted into a device for clearing snow, the equipment with basket, allowing installers to work on a small height, dig trench, etc. This type of technology belongs to the class of cyclic action – it's all in separate operations (loading, unloading, moving).

Bucket equipment

This type of device – hardware, operating continuously. Key module – a bucket Elevator that provides continuous loading of bulk cargo. Presents equipment used for support work.
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