Directory of helicopters at affordable prices

In this catalogue are sold not only the Russian-made helicopters, but also imported helicopters. There are helicopters new and used.do., light and heavy transport helicopters. We also offer a set of actions aimed at quick assistance on the selection of helicopter, training, maintenance, paperwork. Work directly with equipment owners and customers.

Selling and matching customer requirements helicopters

If You want to buy a helicopter: Mi-2, Mi-6, Mi-8, Mi-10, Mi-26, Mi-17-1V, Ka-26, Mi-171, Ka-27PS, Robinson, AgustaWestland, Eurocopter, Bell or any other helicopter at a good price then please contact us. The layouts of these combat helicopters Mi-24 can manufacture according to your order for a Museum pedestal.

on sale Set Your helicopter on a convenient website with a large attendance and the target audience for free!

in order to place the helicopter in the catalog on the site, simply click the ‘sell equipment» in the header of the website by sending the information about the helicopter. Or contact the Manager if you have any questions.

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