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Tekhklub: helicopter – closer to heaven

the Vast forests, bare steppes, contrasting the city – now a touch of glance to the enchanting panorama of Russia with an eagle's rise is akin to an ordinary miracle. Enough to go the last meet – to fly in a helicopter – and here, the journey, who can give odds unless space tourism, has infinite delight. And those who love the stratosphere, I want to ask: "Is it possible through the periscope of the Shuttle is clearly looking at the colorful patterns of the canvas of the country?". That's it!

Higher is better!

Until the era of the stars, "Tekhklub" invites you to enjoy heaven on earth here and now – in Moscow, Kolomna, Solnechnogorsk, Vladimir Mozhaisk, Sergiev Posad, and other cities of Russia. The more that is surrounded by a Megalopolis of people may not fully use the charms given to him by modern civilization. Online, sports, food and drinks, all this has already passed a hundred times. It's time to take the bar higher, and a helicopter ride to a corresponding rise helps. Otherwise you can not see that beauty, not to feel emotions, which is possible only under the dome of heaven.

On the carpet-helicopter...

No less unique a vehicle, or rather flight. Rotary-wing bird in armor made of carbon fibre and metal, transcend any dents asphalt or centesimal tube. From point "A" to point "b" it will take less than an hour. But when at stake is the rest in the sky, then rush to anything. You just have to go and get a rare aesthetic pleasure. Although very soon it will cease to be rare. Because of the popularity of the helicopter, the cost of the flight, which today is affordable for the average inhabitant of Moscow regardless of the model of the thematic of the vessel: the

    Robinson R44;

    Robinson R66;

    Eurocopter AS 350 B3e;

    Eurocopter EC130T2.

Team "Tekhklub" welcomes the availability, and therefore offers up to heaven all who are not indifferent to the thrill and the picturesque panorama from the height.

to Fly, while cloudy

not only Overcast in the sky, but also in the market of domestic civil aviation. Being in close partnership with different airlines and flying clubs, the team "Tekhklub" tried to expand the list of services. And now everyone who applied here enthusiast, a romantic and practical man may opt for the following proposals: the

    Corporate and individual flights in the elite clubs and resorts;

    Bright helicopter tours over the famous parks and sanctuaries of the country;

    School of air control of helicopters on the vessel.

    Master classes with the ability to control the helicopter momentarily;

    Aviaservis – and provide sites for temporary deployment of the armed forces.

But if one day a customer orders a helicopter tour, not the fact that soon he will want to quickly get to the business centre using the already proven technology. Understanding different requirements of the target audience, "Tekhklub" reaches out to each client, to remain in the top theme service market.

In conclusion, it is necessary to highlight the list of activities not covered above:


    Additional takeoff and landing on the helipad and the airport;

    the Landing with the purpose of refueling;

    Regulation of an already established route in connection with possible limitations in specific air areas.

the Relevant services, as well as the helicopter ride, tied to a common service and are performed with absolute guarantee.
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