Learning to fly a helicopter

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pilot Training helicopter – a great chance to conquer the sky and get high-quality flight education

Learn how to fly, and it will help You to open new endless possibilities!

flight Training at a reasonable price with modern technique. Helicopters: Robinson R44, Robinson R66, Eurocopter AS 350 B3e, Eurocopter EC130T2 and beyond.

Private pilot certificate is:


    the Time at Your disposal

    the shortest routes and no traffic jams

    Free flight planning in Russia and the world

    a Memorable flight.

Learn to fly a helicopter from the professionals!!!

Training at the Aviation training centre is conducted by experienced pilots-instructors with teaching experience more than 10 years!

Training helicopters, most often it is the Robinson R44 and Robinson R66 is easy to operate machine, one of the most sold in the world. They are extremely reliable, which has been repeatedly confirmed by international statistics. The ability to control the helicopter type Robinson opens new and unlimited in every sense of the horizons. the training Program includes theoretical and flight training in accordance with modern requirements. Theoretical classes consist of learning subjects in aerodynamics, navigation, meteorology, the design of the helicopter and engine, flight safety, aviation law. Flight training includes practical skills control helicopter – preparation and takeoff, flying in a circle, landing, route flights, flights to remote locations.
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