The Helicopters Mi-2



Buy the Mi-2 helicopter is not difficult, picking the appropriate Your request a lot, in this directory.

the Mi-2 is intended for solving wide range of tasks: transportation of passengers and cargo, transportation of bulky cargo on external sling, search and rescue operations, evacuation of victims. If you are interested, Please send a formal application, a sample of which is in the documents section. You can buy a Mi-2 Helicopter in the company Tehclub through our website. If you do not find the model you would like to buy - pick up the Helicopter under Your request in a short time. Also available for sale spare parts for helicopters different versions.

Publish Your Mi-2 on the convenient website with a large attendance and the target audience for free!

in order to place the helicopter on sale on the website, simply click "sell equipment" at the beginning of the site, sending information about the helicopter, and the moderator will place it yourself! To sell a helicopter with Tekhklub not difficult.
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