become a partner

< strong>become a partner of the technical Club and increase sales of equipment through mutually beneficial cooperation.< / span>

we are absolutely sure that partnership is a great tool for successful business development. This is why we are always willing to make contact and provide our partners with the following key features:< / span>

  • < span style= "font-size: 16px;" > Marketing support;< / span>< / li>
  • < span style= " font-size: 16px;"> Your catalog on the website of the technical Club for publishing lots;< / span>< / li>
  • < span style= "font-size: 16px;" > Promotion of products and services on the Internet and in the most popular social networks;< / span>< / li>
  • < span style= " font-size: 16px;" > Pre-sale support of potential clients and transfer of the lot interested in purchase to the owner.< / span>< / li>

    < / ul>

    we value our own reputation and value the reputation of our partners in the same way. We make every effort to ensure that everyone is happy in whatever field of activity and in whatever region or country they are located.< / span>

    Who are our current and potential future partners?< / span>< / h3>

    • < span style= "font-size: 16px;" > < strong>Individuals< / strong> - owners of equipment that they want to successfully implement their lots, and that they were in the top positions in such a huge market now offers.< / span>< / li>
    • < span style= "font-size: 16px;" > < b>Legal entities - entrepreneurs, companies that own equipment, eager to sell illiquid or what they produce themselves. With us, you can get an additional source of target customers for your equipment.< / span>< / li>

      < / ul>

      if you are interested in cooperation - call us or send an offer by e-mail.< / span>