BTR-80 with conservation, demilitarized

Vendor code: 28609

1 800 000

Is for the sale of the BTR-80, on the move, in excellent condition.

the BTR-80 is fully catered for with the KAMAZ engine. All systems were in order. On the wide tires. Documents. Buy the APC it is possible for cash and cashless payments. The price is low for the BTR-80 in that state.

Selling the BTR-80

the armored personnel carrier - Russian and Soviet legendary all-terrain vehicle. Selling is strictly officially, the contract of sale. For driving need the right tractor. Perfect for hunting and fishing. Specifically negotiated permission will be required if the trip is planned on a public road.

is Not armed, demilitarized, only for civilian use. There are civil documents.


specifications of the BTR-80


    body Length, mm 7650

    Width, mm 2900

    Height, mm 2350 2460..

    Base mm 4400

    Track, mm 2410

    ground Clearance 475 mm

    Established in the early 1980-ies as a further development of BTR-70, based on the identified in the Afghan war of the shortcomings of the latter, and was intended to replace the infantry troops. BTR-80 entered production in 1984,

    Original dispensing box allows you to use the BTR-80 with minor changes many components and parts of its predecessor — the BTR-70, including drive axles, suspension, steering, brakes and more


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