The plane is a replica of the Piper Chaba, 2015

Vendor code: 28605

800 000

Sell a replica of the Piper Kaba made in 2015. Plaque 80hrs, engine Subaru 2l, 140 HP. Cruising speed 115км/h Max on these wheels to 150 km/h, in the horizon. Ski faster, depends on the adjustment of the blades is closer to the traction characteristics of the screw. Set in the summer of 3.5 m/s in the winter of 4.7 m/s. Stationary registration, there is no SLG. The wing spar their thick LVL laminated veneer lumber ( rot, less susceptible to fatigue behavior). The fabric is synthetic. Wheel low pressure obodrite, nylon cord from 5T tractor wagon, bought for a project, new, hub, made in USATU. Planting can be done in almost any field. Based in Pervushino Ufa. Hangar storage.

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