Mi-171/8, Leasing, rental

Vendor code: 28634

Price by request

Offer to purchase lease helicopters Mi-171, Mi-8AMT, Mi-8MTV flight date.

the Helicopters are ready to work abroad. All labels in English. Several helicopters of different configurations.


the configuration Options for the Mi-171 and terms of delivery:

Ramp, extra wide sliding door, the American navigation equipment, weather radar, and so on. At Buyer's request, the helicopter can be repainted to match any color scheme of the Buyer (by separate agreement); the Helicopter has built-in hubs and mounts for installation of external suspension, storm seats, mooring and sanitary equipment; the helicopter is equipped with system KT-76С, GNS-430, EGPWVSSANDEL, ISAT-100, WETHERRADAR, SARSAT.


    the Mi-171 2007 fully ready for inspection; the

  • Deliver your helicopter anywhere in the world;
  • the
  • servicing of helicopters and rotorcraft;
  • the
  • check Out the aviation engineers in any city, in any country.

the Helicopter can be purchased in leasing, 2% per annum, monthly payment ranging from 23 EUR 594. Execution of lease within 7 days. The price on this model please specify further.

so we have prepared for You a clearer proposal in the application for the purchase of Helicopter Leasing, car hire  please specify the following items:

    What are your requirements for helicopters?

    what is the term plan of renting a helicopter?

    Country of operation?

    What is the number of hours per month, the helicopter will be guaranteed to operate?

    With the crew what crew?

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