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Demilitarized T-34 tanks, BMD, BMP, SU-100, trucks, tracked self-propelled ferries, trenching, earthmoving machinery. Wonder where buy tank? Buy a real tank on the go, the last demilitarization, turning to the company Tehclub. There is also the excellent models of tanks for installation on the pedestal. Also there are tanks on the move, which have been demilitarized. To see the range in the catalogue. Tracked vehicles will be a very useful acquisition for the fleet of any company working in the field of logging, geological exploration and perform any other rotational work in remote areas. On Tehclub there are also wheel demilitarized equipment, and particularly decommissioned armored personnel carriers for sale and decommissioned BRDM.

Buy a real tank on the move, after demilitarization. Select the tank in the directory at an affordable price.

Our prices are much lower of the value of such characteristics of the equipment at the plant. Base of caterpillar equipment is constantly updated. Buy a real tank on the move after demilitarization can contact us. The price to buy a tank from us below market. The range presented on the site is to familiarize you with an approximate set of commodity groups. If you do not find your position - leave the application to us. Experts Tehclub carefully check the condition of all components and units in order to detect and eliminate possible faults. Due to the high technical competence and hard work, we bought appliances last a long time and will justify invested.

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in order to sell demilitarized BMP, BMD, tanks, simply click "sell equipment" by filling out the form.

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