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Wheel conversion techniques


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If you are looking for where to buy conversion BRDM, armored personnel carriers, GAZ, ZIL, UAZ, BM-13 Katyusha cars, ZIS truck or other decommissioned wheeled vehicles from conservation , please contact Tehclub.

This technique, which was bought from us, has proven itself very well among customers. We carefully check the technical condition of all components and assemblies before selling. All equipment has already passed demilitarization. In the catalog you can find the best prices for APC , BRDM , Soviet armored vehicle BA-6, unique BTR-40 and other wheeled vehicles of the Second World War.

This catalog contains wheel decommissioned conversion equipment - these are fast and powerful machines.

Both models of military equipment and real decommissioned conversion vehicles after demilitarization, which have already participated in the filming of expensive films, are available. Also, there are excellent replicas of military equipment for sale. Tehclub also has tracked demilitarized vehicles decommissioned .

Publish wheeled demilitarized vehicles quickly and free

In order to sell your equipment, it is enough to Submit an advertisement for sale to Tehclub by filling out the form on the website. Provide information - a description of the technical condition of your equipment. Also, write the desired cost, attach a photo, video. All equipment must be subject to official re-registration, if necessary, registration.

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