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Aerotruba BAT-500, 2017 y.

63 304 $

Vendor code: 38229 746 10

It is AeroDynamic Complix BAT-500 Open Type Clause 2.5 METPA, 2017 release. Manufacturer Belarus. In fact, did not work, from the word at all, passed 80 hours of running.

Profitable businessc with the ability to try on anywhere.

Profit See in the first week of work.

2 years later, completely pay off 100%.

Reliable and durable YMZ engine as a new, reflecting the cooling system for Crimean operating conditions (300t.r.).

Technical documentation, certificates of conformity in stock.

As a gift, I will give a noise insulating wall.

The price of a new producer from 9 million rubles.

Possible purchase for cash and cashless calculation, leasing, installments.

Exchange is possible.


Overall height 8.5m

Overall width and length 6 m / 9.5 m

Height / diameter of the flight zone from 5 m / from 2.5 m

occupied area with electrical equipment and fence 70 m2

Power 360 kW

Number of seats 1 person.

Full ridden mass 6500 kg

Installed power (with illumination) 4.4 kW

Diesel fuel consumption 50-60 l / h

Operating cycle time 1-10 min.

Power supply voltage 24 V

Bandwidth of 1 hour of operation 24-40 people.

Nominal / maximum speed of air screw 1500 rpm / 1800 rpm

Degree of protection against Triple screw

Noise: without sound insulation / With noise insulation 110 DCB / 68 DCB

  • State: Used
  • Payment: Any form of payment
  • Documents: Sold with documents

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