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Aircraft engine AI-20K

Price by request

Vendor code: 5262

Aircraft engine AI-20K

Vendor code: 5262

Price by request

Sale aircraft engine AI-20K for the Il-18V.

AI-20 single — shaft turboprop aircraft engine with axial 10-stage compressor, annular combustion chamber, 3-stage turbine, planetary gearbox, non-adjustable jet nozzle.

engines of AI-20 was achieved with a high level of reliability, allowed for the first time in domestic engines to install the overhaul period, measured in thousands of hours. The designated resource of the modifications of the AI-20K and AI-20M is 20 thousand hours.

Engine AI-20 consists of the following main components:


    planetary gearbox

    front casing

    axis 10-speed compressor

    annular combustion chamber

    three-stage axial turbine

    unregulated jet

    units servicing the engine and aircraft

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