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Airplane Yak-18TSS

41 163 $

Vendor code: 29705

The Yak-18 aircraft was canned immediately after production.

Engine, Date of production December 1982. The engine is original forms. Working from the beginning of operation of 963 hours (at the time of installation on a new glider in December 2011. Shared resource 2000 hours, an interremmer resource 500 hours.

The glider is assembled in 2011, operation as a state (for the UEAUs there is no appointed resource), a raid on the information of the last owner of no more than 200 hours). The glider is all-metal, and not climbing, that is, there is no need to make a regular drawing.

On the aircraft installed additional equipment - electric trimmer, candles under 95th gasoline, an additional oil filter and other things. New leather interior, etc.

Airplane is completely in excellent flight condition.

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