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ISS Energia-Buran

55 000 000 $

Vendor code: 79235 08 April 21212 674

ISS Energia-Buran, 1988 y.

Vendor code: 79235 08 April 21212 674

55 000 000 $

Model of the ISS Energia-Buran

  • Aircraft "Buran", product 11-F35, factory N ° 2K1.
  • Model of the aircraft "Buran", product 11-F35, factory N ° MT.


  • Length - 36.4 m.
  • Wingspan - 24 m.
  • The height of the ship standing on the chassis is 16.5 m.
  • The launch weight is 105 tons with a maximum payload weight, the cargo compartment has a width of 4.7 m, a length of 18.55 m and a volume of 350 m. It accommodates a payload weighing up to 30 tons for delivery to orbit and up to 20 tons for return.
  • The engines, created at the Voronezh Design Bureau of Chemical Automation, turned out to be heavier (3450 versus 3117 kg), slightly larger (diameter and height: 2420 and 4550 versus 2400 and 4240 mm), with slightly less thrust (at sea level: 156 versus 181 ts), although the specific impulse, which characterizes the efficiency of the engine, was somewhat exceeded.

The Buran aircraft itself, product 11-Ф35, factory N ° 2K1, is the only one in the world.

An excellent opportunity to preserve the memory of space exploration of the USSR!

A landmark work for Soviet cosmonautics was the development of a reusable space system(ISS) Energia-Buran, culminating in a triumphant unmanned flight and automatic landing of Buran on the runway of the Baikonur Cosmodrome on November 15, 1988. CreationISS Energia-Buran was the largest and most labor-intensive program in the history of Soviet cosmonautics. Suffice it to say that for 18 years more than a million people directly worked on the ISS in 1286 enterprises and organizations of 86 ministries and departments, the largest scientific and industrial centers of the country were involved. The total cost of the program at the beginning of 1992 amounted to 16.4 billion Soviet rubles.

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Updated: 08 April 2023

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