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Helicopter H125 Airbus Helicopters, 2018 y.

3 867 991 $

Vendor code: 29099

Helicopter H125 Airbus Helicopters, 2018 y.

Vendor code: 29099

3 867 991 $

Sale of the H125 helicopter manufactured by Airbus Helicopters.

  • H125 (formerly AS 350B3), Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter) has a type certificate issued by the IAC (Interstate Aviation Committee)
  • Year of release: End of October 2018.
  • Operating time since the beginning of operation: 1220 hours.
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 2000 flying hours or 3 years (until October 31, 2021) from the date of manufacture, whichever comes first.
  • Delivery time - within 4-8 weeks after the preliminary acceptance of the helicopter abroad.

Price including the delivery of DDP Russia (the city required by the Buyer), according to Incoterms-2020 (including delivery, customs duty, VAT 0%, commissioning in the Russian Federation), - the ruble equivalent of 3,248,500 euros.

Price upon delivery on EXW terms - 1,875,000 euros

The helicopter includes the following equipment and avionics:

  • First aid kit - First aid kit;
  • Pilot windshield wiper - Pilot side windshield wipers;
  • RH side electric and de-iced mirror, fixed parts - Mirror on the starboard side for working with a load hook, electrically operated and heated, attachment points;
  • Cargo swing (1400 kg), fixed parts - Load hook (1400 kg), attachment points;
  • Emergency floats, fixed parts - Emergency float chassis, attachment points;
  • 3 position lights - 3 position lights;
  • Flashing anticollision lights - Flashing anti-collision lights;
  • 2 fixed landing lights - 2 fixed landing lights;
  • Donaldson sand filter - Donaldson dust protection device;
  • Dart long skid shoes - Dart Aerospace long skid shoes;
  • Air conditioning system - Air conditioning system;
  • Glass cockpit - Digital avionics system;
  • VEMD;
  • NR indicator - NR indicator;
  • Control warning panel - Control panel warning;
  • External side slip indicator - Slip indicator from the outside;
  • Stop watch - Stopwatch;
  • Magnetic compass - Magnetic compass;
  • Cockpit camera - Camera in the cockpit;
  • Gyro horizon - Artificial horizon;
  • Airspeed indicator - Airspeed indicator;
  • Altimeter - Altimeter;
  • VFR day and night - A set of equipment for VFR flights day and night;
  • Flight display Garmin G500H - Garmin G500H display;
  • ELT Kannad Integra AP-H 121.5 MHz & 406 MHz - Emergency Beacon Kannad Integra AP-H 121.5 MHz & 406 MHz;
  • VHF / VOR / LOC / GS Garmin GNC 255A - VHF / VOR / LOC / GS Garmin GNC 255A;
  • ICS Garmin GMA 350H - Garmin GMA 350H Intercom System;
  • Transponder mode S Garmin GTX 33H - Mode S Transponder Garmin GTX 33H;
  • VHF / VOR / LOC / GS / GPS Garmin GTN 650H
  • AHRS - Heading Vertical System;
  • DME - Omnidirectional Rangefinder Beacon;
  • FlightStream 510 with additional display on iPad - FlightStream 510 with additional display on iPad.

Other conditions:

The payment procedure is the subject of agreement between the Buyer and the Supplier.

After passing through customs clearance and delivery of the helicopter to Russia, the Supplier undertakes to register ownership of the aircraft in favor of the Customer, register the helicopter in the State Register (with assignment of a tail number) and obtain a certificate of airworthiness.

During the subsequent operation of the helicopter, the Supplier is ready to perform periodic maintenance at the location of the helicopter, as well as timely supply spare parts, consumables to the Customer under a separate contract and for an additional fee.

At the request of the Customer, the helicopter can be supplied by a foreign group of companies - a partner of the HeliCo Group. In this case, payments will be made by the Customer in foreign currency directly abroad. All terms of the deal, including the final price of the helicopter, remain unchanged.

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