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Helicopter McDonnel-Douglas, 1996 y.

1 332 665 $

Vendor code: 29788 898 23

- Good condition

- MD 900 Explorer is a double helicopter gas turbines, made according to the NOTAR patented system, without the tail rotor, due to which the noise level and vibration is significantly lower than that of the helicopters of this class. This helicopter contains the most advanced technologies. Spacious interior, big trunk. 7 passenger seats + 1 pilot. This can be managed in difficult weather conditions. Certified in category A.

- PRATT & WHITNEY PW206A engines:

flight clock # 1 S / N PCE-206097 - 1989.63 hours

flight clock # 2 S / N PCE-206093 - 2588.64 hours

- New battery and additional fuel system were installed in accordance with the installation instructions for Fargo production company (the volume of additional fuel 200 liters)

- Additional equipment:

Fisher Business Seats

Lighting Light

Engine suppression

Double controls (RHC)

Cabin Input Step

Particle Separator

Fuel Tank AUX (200LTRS)

Rotor brake (RHC)

Motor washbasin

Air heater heater W / Defroster


Air conditioning

Stroy Wire Protection System

Earth processing wheels

BOSE X - Headsets

Pneumatic opening doors - crew

Start panels Tundra (for immersion)

Super Sound Check

System of the crew of 5 points

Shoulder harnesses

Wizard Avionics

4 spot pax shoulder harness buzz

Toned windows (cabin and cabin)

Heated Pete

External power outlet

28V Power Utility Output

Cabin fire extinguisher

First Aid Set

Case Card Cabin

Trucks Unders

Fresh air ventilation system

Cab convenience Lighting

Rain reed kit (cabin door)

inlet / graduation cap Login / exhaust

Recently New Battery

- Avionics (VFR):

NAV / COM 1 King KX-165

Transponder King KT-70 (mode S)

NAV COM 2 King Ky 196

Radar Altimeter King KRA 10

ADF King KR 87


DME King KDM 706A

audio panel PS Engineering 8000S

Compass system King KCS 55A

HSI King King Ki 525i


Moving King Skymap IIC

Storm WX 1000

  • State: Used
  • Payment: For cash
  • Documents: Sell with documents

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