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PRESS PAPER PROF - 180B, 2008 y.

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Press PFF-180

The main purpose of the rolled mad-free press feeder "PFF-180" with a constant pressing chamber is to mechanize and automate the harvesting process of hay and straw, minimizing manual work. This is a tractor semi-trailer with one axis and a pressing chamber of the cylindrical shape. The camera is fully closed design that promotes the amount of feed loss to a minimum. The press pick-up is pure and efficient, no less qualitative than robbles and forks, collects hay rolls or straw. And twists them into rolls weighing up to 700 kilograms of hay and up to 400 kg of straw, fixing these rolls with twine.


• Overall dimensions: (length x width x height, in millimeters): 4100 x 2500 x 2800

• Capture width: 1.65 m

• Roll dimensions (length x diameter, in millimeters): 1500 x 1800

• Roll weight: hay from 450 to 700 kg; Straw from 300 to 400 kg (hover. from density)

• Complete mass of the press feeder: 2400 kg

• Curvection indicators for a ton of cordomass, kg / t: from 0.2 to 0.5

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