Replica vintage military equipment



In this catalogue of a renovated appliances in full size, quality replica, replicas, replicas of real military vehicles of the great Patriotic war.

Also, custom manufactured equipment layouts from scratch according to the drawings with the use of original spare parts. Replica guns, tanks, and machine guns are available in the range. All equipment is only for civilian purposes, and may only be used as decoration.

Our team can produce the restoration of antique equipment for the patriot club.

If you are wondering where to buy a replica or do a professional restoration of military equipment - contact Tekhklub. the Theme of patriotism in recent years, very popular and supported by authorities. the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said: "we Do not and cannot be any other unifying idea, in addition to patriotism."


Buy a replica, the layout of military equipment in our company at an affordable price for You. Restoration of the demilitarized equipment from Tekhklub is quality and reliability. vehicles are sold with the civil documents allowing you to place it in collections and museums of military equipment. If you are interested in buying and the price of decommissioned equipment after demilitarization go to the appropriate directory.

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