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In this catalog, Tehclub offers you to familiarize yourself with the list of conversion decommissioned demilitarized equipment from conservation, from storage, which can bebuy at an affordable price for decorative, civil purposes.

Sold in the Tehclub website catalog: GAZ, ZIL, UAZ, BM-13 Katyusha cars, ZIS truck. Also in the catalog for sale there are decommissioned after demilitarization: Soviet armored vehicles BA-3, BA-20, BA-64 or their replicas, infantry fighting vehicles,BRDM, armored personnel carrier, self-propelled guns,guns. On the website you can alsobuy a real decommissioned tank on the go T-34 for pedestals, pedestals. You can also order from the Tehclub catalog or choose from what is available engineering equipment, such machines as: BAT, MDK,MT-LB, GTU and other models. All decommissioned equipment has undergone demilitarization and has all the necessary documents for sale. We also offer reconstructed life-size equipment, high-quality copies, models, replicas of real combat vehicles from the times of the Great Patriotic War. Models - replicas of military equipment, which are presented here, outwardly correspond as much as possible to their military "brothers", but can only be used for decorative purposes for patriotic societies, government organizations, as well as private collectors and museum owners.

You can buy conversion equipment from storage and replicas of military equipment in the catalog.

The site sells decommissionedwheeled conversion equipment Andtracked conversion equipment. This technique is very relevant in our time. Supplied to museums, theme parks, and centers for patriotic education of the younger generation. The theme of patriotism inin recent years has received significant support from the authorities.Russian President Vladimir Putin said: “We do not and cannot have any other unifying idea other than patriotism.”


Tehclub is engaged in searching for in-demand equipment at the request of patriotic parks and organizations. We make models and replicas of equipment for museums from scratch. We carry out restoration, repair and delivery of decommissioned conversion and engineering equipment. We are interested in long-term partnership with each client, therefore we approach solving problems comprehensively and, at the same time, individually.

Sell ​​decommissioned conversion equipment from storage on Tehclub.

In order to place your existing equipment for sale or donate free of charge to a museum in need, all you need to do isPost a sale ad equipment on the Tehclub website. Provide information - a description of the technical condition of your equipment. Also, write the desired price, attach a photo, video. All equipment must be subject to official re-registration and, if necessary, registration.

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