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About the company

Tehclub - to buy or to sell equipment to individuals and organizations

the Company «World Touristik” was founded in 2013. The company's activities successfully implemented under the brand “Tehclub" (Tehclub). Over the years the company has taken a strong position on the Internet and Offline sphere. Customers and partners Tehclub become as individuals and large private and public organizations. Main activity of the company is: sale of equipment, repairs, restoration, and shipping it to the place of operation. If necessary Assembly equipment. We also carry out search of the necessary equipment on order.

On the website Tehclub sale not only because of our technology. Tehclub also brings together sellers and buyers, helping them find each other. We follow the transaction went quickly, efficiently and most importantly legal. Assist in the sale of equipment the customer by placing information about it in the site directory Tehclub, social networks and other marketing. Always open to cooperation and reliable partners.

On Tehclub to buy and sell aircraft, motorboat, and any other equipment and machinery. Reviews of Tehclub — are the hallmark of the company. While our work performed, as photo and video material is represented in the news.

High quality service
High quality service is the basis of Tehclub's marketing strategy. We give special attention to each client. Operational assistance in solving problems: purchase of equipment, sales, restoration, delivery - our main advantages.
Short terms of the transaction
Thanks to the proven algorithms for selecting equipment, preparing for further operation, paperwork and delivery of
equipment to the customer, we do
everything in the shortest possible time.
Below market prices
One of Tehclub's specialties is
searching for the best deals on the market. The latest business methods and cost optimization in the process of performing work are also applied. Thanks to what we are out of competition.
Regular customers discounts
Tehclub offers the maximum discount to customers who contact us repeatedly, as well as to those who do this regularly. What matters to us is what you think of us and how you recommend us!
Combining sellers and buyers
The vocation of the Tech Club is to make it easier for sellers of equipment to find buyers. And for customers to help fulfill their needs - to buy inexpensively and reliably. Sell and buy online

We will accept the application and find the optimal solution for the delivery of equipment to your base