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Catalogue that you can buy on Tehclub

In the directory, we suggest to familiarize with the list of equipment that can be purchased with a full set of documents. On the website you can choose and buy: helicopters, aircraft. selling written off demilitarized conversion technique. Is available trucks. You can also buy watercraft, boats, the attraction windtunnel. Electric vehicle also available. Scroll the directory, it has a lot of interesting things. Sold parts machinery and much more at good prices. Command Tehclub will help with the search for the missing machinery to order. Restoration, repair and delivery as specified in the contract of sale place. If You have not found what were looking for, please submit an application or give us a call.  

Sell the equipment to Tehclub

Post Your equipment on a convenient website with a large attendance and the target audience for free, the product should be seen by every potential customer!

If you want to sell your existing equipment - we will be glad to help with that. Simply click the "sell equipment" by sending information about the product. Send information about the technique, after moderation the product will appear on the catalog page in the near future. to Sell on the website Tehclub your technique is not difficult. Here can sell airplanes, helicopters of different manufacturers and models. Can sell conversion equipment, ships, boats, industrial equipment and more. If you were looking for where to sell equipment quickly and easily - You've come to the right place! the Tehclub brings together buyers and sellers, helping them find each other. The transaction took place quickly, honestly and lawfully. we may sell the equipment for installation on the pedestal, or in a private collection, for museums, for advertising decoration, as well as for use in tourism and hunting. we can assist you in selling your equipment by placing it in the directory on our website Tehclub, social media and other marketing efforts.

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