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Purchase and sale of new and used aircraft. Different manufacturers and modifications in the catalog at affordable prices.

  • In the catalog on the site you can find: passenger, transport, agricultural, ambulance, firefighters, exploration, experimental, sports, training and other aircraft.
  • By takeoff weight, you can also buy: Light-engine aircraft MAI-223, Superheavy; Heavy; Average; Lungs; Ultralight.
  • It sells aircraft that differ in the type and number of engines: piston (PD - An-2, Cessna 172), turboprop (TVD - An-24, DHC-8), turbojet (turbojet engines - L-39, A320), with rocket engines (BI-1), with a combined power plant (KSU), with electric motors (electric aircraft).

In this section, you can familiarize yourself with models of aircraft at affordable prices.

The question arose where to buy a reliable aircraft with documents at a good price? You can buy the An-2, Challenger 605, Hawker 900XP, Piper Meridian, Beechcraft Premier-1A, Yak-40, Bristell NG-5, Challenger 604, and other aircraft at Tehclub. There are new and used aircraft for sale.

The site contains a wide selection of aircraft of different categories:

Jet aircraft, Amphibians, Chemists, Sports aircraft, light aircraft, small aircraft, light and heavy transport aircraft, passenger aircraft, multipurpose aircraft, private jets of business class VIP are also sold. Aircraft decommissioned by the military, fighters of the SSR Air Force, which have passed demilitarization, and are sold on the free market for museums. You will find spare parts for aircraft in the corresponding section of the catalog.

Sell the plane on Tehclub

In order to sell your aircraft, it is enough to submit an advertisement for the sale of an aircraft on the Tehclub website. By sending information about the aircraft for sale. We also help with the sale of aircraft, we work with both individuals and legal entities throughout Russia, as well as in other countries of the world!

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