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MT-LB sale at affordable prices on the site Tehclub

Civil needs of MT-LB Army tractors are an indispensable version of techniques for oil and gas, energy, logging organizations engaged in difficult weather and climatic conditions, including the extreme north. First created in 1964, MT-LB tractor has established itself as the most reliable and accessible vehicle to solve a wide range of tasks.

There is an opinion that the civil market for the sale of military equipment is prohibited, but this is a misconception, buy MT-LB does not constitute problems. Today, such an appliance after demilitarization with the removal of weapons is sold on legal grounds and can be registered in the relevant supervisory bodies. This will require only a formal purchase to obtain relevant documents on the vehicle.

How to buy MT-LB in Russia

Decryption of MT-LB designation is simple - "Multipurpose conveyor - light armored". In the army, this technique is used to transport the motorized rifle compartment (maximum 11 people in the car) or a variety of cargo and weapons. Against the background of the traditional BTR, such a military man has a more modest weapon and booking. First of all it is a transport, not a combat machine. In total, about 10 thousand such machines were issued in the Soviet Union, some of which continue to be operated in the armed forces to the present.

Today, in the market, you can purchase demilitarized versions of a tractor without a module of arms or a version of MT-Luba, originally created to meet civil societies in the context of complex climatic conditions. At the same time, the price of MT-LB turns out to be quite affordable. The purchase of the Ministry of Defense today can make only organizations, in the future having the opportunity to sell equipment and individuals.

Unfortunately, the solid age of technology and the long-term simple storage databases negatively affects the level of operational reliability of the work of the Ministry of Defense. Nevertheless, in need of such acquisition there is a way out.

Purchase and sale of MT-LB in the Tehclub directory

By visiting the site [Brand], potential buyers are able to choose among various variations of MT-LB tractors, starting with models in its original condition, ending with repaired samples with additional tuning for the needs of civil customers. When choosing a second option, the client buys a fully working and working machine capable of performing the entire spectrum of civil transport duties assigned to it. IN This case, the MT-LB price will be higher, but also the state of technology will dramatically stand out for the better.

For those who want to sell their MT-LB, the Tehclub site will be a great platform for finding targeted customers. It is enough to send for sale your technique through the admission form.

The whole technique implemented on Tehclub is proposed on legal grounds with the provision of relevant documents, so its registration will not cause any difficulty.

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