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The site was created as a platform where anyone can buy and sell any equipment, including railway transport. In this section of the catalog, you can buy railway cars, diesel locomotives, cranes, tanks, locomotives and other railway transport. The site is constantly visited by representatives of the railway industry and updated information in the catalog.

What can be bought and sold in this section from railway equipment:

  • railway cranes;
  • railway tanks;
  • locomotives;
  • electric locomotives;
  • diesel locomotives;
  • electric locomotives;
  • platform railway;
  • track repair machines;
  • passenger cars;
  • accessories and spare parts;
  • other railway transport.

On the site, owners can sell any railway equipment, for example, a diesel locomotive at a bargain price. To submit a free ad, just click the "Sell Equipment" button and specify the section for publication. The name must be indicated and a detailed description of the proposed product is drawn up. For example, if a used car is offered for sale. and price, it is recommended to attach high-quality photographs to the technical description in order to attract interested customers. A clear description and value within the market increases the likelihood of a sale.

Buy railway cars.

The share of rail transport today in the total volume of cargo transportation is more than 80%, making the sale of wagons extremely popular. You can buy used items on the website. or a new freight car of various years of production.

The catalog contains various railway cars at favorable prices:

  1. Covered wagons will protect the transported cargo from damage and bad weather. You can choose a universal or a special option (for example, for transporting cars, livestock).
  2. Gondola cars are most in demand for the transportation of bulk cargo. The open top allows you to transport any goods that are not afraid of precipitation and possible damage.
  3. Refrigerators will deliver perishable goods requiring a special temperature regime to their destination.
  4. Hoppers - they have a special hatch at the bottom. Such cars are designed for the transportation of bulk materials, and the hatch allows you to quickly unload the car without attracting loaders. Among the hoppers there are openand closed options.
  5. Dump cars - their sides are tilted and the body tilts, so it's easier to empty the load. These wagons may be referred to as dump wagons.

Cars are sold directly from the owners. The choice of the necessary railway equipment by the buyer is based on the weight of the goods, its purpose and transportation features.

The Tehclub catalog, in addition to wagons, offers to buy a diesel locomotive, a locomotive and the whole range of spare parts for repair.

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