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Decommissioned helicopters




Tehclub Company provides professional restoration, painting and installation of a helicopter on a pedestal as aviabaltika, the art object at the best price. 

For Patriotic organizations and administrations of cities and regional centers have special. a proposal for the installation on a pedestal the Russian aircraft. Our company undertakes the full range of obligations. The whole process of finding, preparing, delivery and installation of the necessary helicopter on the pedestal. The aircraft should be removed from the register of civil aviation. Tehclub will save you from having to seek additional acquisition, restoration, transportation and installation of the aircraft. So, if you need to buy a helicopter and set aviapartner - contact us. we Also have Decommissioned aircraft on a pedestal, who are free to buy. to view our completed work, please visit reviews on the activities of the Tehclub. Aircraft on a pedestal and not only represented there with photo and video material.

Also on Tehclub You can put on the implementation of their decommissioned helicopter

Our company will help you in the sale of helicopters used. in any technical condition. Just send the appropriate application form with description of your machinery for sale.

Questions and answers FAQ: Helicopters on a pedestal

1. Want to buy a decommissioned helicopter to the pedestal, (the Museum cafe) what should I do, what my actions?

Send us enquiry for a future project on the basis of which we prepare a quotation and make a deal for agreement of purchase and sale.

2. What documents will I get in my helicopter for the pedestal?

will Receive a contract of sale, documents on the airframe (fuselage).

3. What guarantees do you give on the helicopter for the pedestal?

We always take a responsible approach to what we sell and confidently provide a guarantee on the product, painting, restoration. The terms and obligations prescribed in the agreement.

4. You've done similar projects helicopters on a pedestal?

Yes, we periodically consult individuals, organizations and government agencies. To each client individually and take special wishes into the work. Already implemented: Mi-2, Mi-8 and others. To find work in the news section.

5. Why write off a helicopter is so expensive and not sold at the metal price?

We are trying to give decommissioned helicopters new life, and put our time and money. Disassembly, delivery, Assembly, restoration, painting – all of this requires certain resources and special skills. If the client is all ready to take on the price is minimal.

6. Is it possible to make a cafe, a restaurant inside (around) the helicopter?

of Course you can. In Russia, such examples are almost there. But foreign experience shows that all is possible and depends on the willingness of good ideas, financing.

7. What permissions are required for installation of the helicopter on the pedestal?

If the helicopter is established in a public place, then you need to get permission from the administration of the settlement. If put on its territory (the land belongs by right of ownership or rental), the special permission is not provided.

8. How much disassembly of the helicopter?

the Demolition, which involves the re-assembling is a labor - intensive and requires professional skills. Price disassembly can be from 30 thousand rubles and above. The cost is calculated individually and depends on the particular helicopter, its size, technical features. The whole complex of works, if the helicopter is purchased from us, we are doing a discount.

9. How long is the disassembly of the helicopter?

the duration of the disassembly of the helicopter is determined first and foremost its size. Usually you can make out a small helicopter with simple design to 1 day, if more, then more than 3 days.

10. How much is the Assembly of the helicopter?

the Assembly of a helicopter must be done by professionals, so it was a long time in different weather conditions without losing its form, while maintaining the reliability of the design. Price build can be from 30 thousand rubles and above. The cost is calculated individually and depends on the particular helicopter, its size, technical features. The whole complex of works, if the helicopter is purchased from us, we are doing a discount.

11. How long does the Assembly of the helicopter?

Our experts collect the helicopter in the shortest possible time, which determine the size and technical features of the helicopter. Unable to collect and 1 day, but if the helicopter is huge, it will take a few days.

12. How much is shipping of a helicopter?

shipping & ndash; is the price of the transport company for their services. As a rule, if the helicopter of small size, and disassembled correctly, it can deliver for little money. The cost of the truck per kilometer in Russia from 55 RUB./km.

13. What permissions are required for transportation of the helicopter if it is oversized?

If the goods are ‘Heavy”, the price will increase. Under the current legislation for transportation of oversized cargo, you must obtain permission in Rosavtodor. There is a similar experience. It comes to big helicopters.

14. How much time takes the delivery of the helicopter?

it depends on the distance. From 1 day to 2 weeks or more, if not far to drive to the East will have. However, if you need a permit for "oversize" - it is 2-3 weeks.

15. How much is the restoration and painting of the helicopter?

We do professional painting and restoration according to the TZ of the customer and give a guarantee on the work performed. The helicopter needs to maintain a consistent appearance in different weather conditions. The price of these works may start from 50-100 thousand rubles for ordinary surface work on small helicopters and walk to large amounts depending on what the client wishes to get in the end. If the helicopter is purchased from us, we do discount on entire list of works.

16. How long is the restoration and painting of the helicopter?

Quality work requires time and effort. We restore small helicopters for 3-5 days, including the interior trim. Large helicopters take from 10 days and more time for restoration and painting.

17. What needs a Foundation, a pedestal for installation of the helicopter as aviabaltika, art object, Museum exhibit, a café?

the Choice of power base under the chassis of the helicopter depends on its size and weight. For example, the Mi-2 weighs about 2.3 tons, and the weight of the helicopter Mi-8 of about 7 tons. Types of sites can be different and depend on the desires of the client. Most popular pedestals to the helicopter stood a few meters above the ground made from metal construction with concrete Foundation. And in order for the helicopter safely stood on the ground level – enough natural smooth solid surface or strengthen it with concrete.


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