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Tehclub carries out professional restoration, painting and installation of helicopters on a pedestal as an air monument, art object at the best price.

For patriotic organizations and administrations of cities and regional centers, we have specials. proposal for the installation of Russian aircraft on a pedestal. Our company assumes a full list of obligations. The whole process of finding, preparing, delivering and installing the necessary helicopter on a pedestal. The aircraft must be removed from the civil aviation register. Tehclub will save you the trouble of searching, additional equipment, restoration, transportation and installation of the aircraft. Therefore, if there is a need to purchase a helicopter and install an air monument, please contact us. We also have Decommissioned aircraft on a pedestal, which you can freely buy.

To view our completed work - visit the page reviews about the activities. Aircraft on a pedestal and not only presented there with photo and video material.

Also on Tehclub you can put your decommissioned helicopter for sale

Our company will help you in the sale of used helicopters. in any technical condition. Just send an application with a description of your equipment for sale.

For more information about helicopters on a pedestal, about the purchase process and technical points, read the link: Frequently asked questions FAQ: Helicopters on pedestal

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