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Rent a helicopter on the Tehclub website at an affordable price as a helicopter taxi with a pilot, or to perform work of varying levels of complexity.

Today, many people turn to the Tehclub website with an application to rent a helicopter to deliver passengers over short distances. This is the optimal solution between traveling to your final destination by car or flying by plane.

When might you need to rent a helicopter?

Typically, helicopter rentals are arranged for private trips or travel, but these are not the only possibilities. Other options include:

1. Organization of excursions and walking routes along popular tourist routes;

2. Delivery of passengers to hunting, fishing or to a place of outdoor recreation;

3. Carrying out wedding events or other special occasions;

4. For photo and video filming from the air of the study area;

5. VIP service for guests arriving at festivals, concerts or other public events;

6. Providing assistance during emergency evacuation, delivery of victims to medical institutions, patrolling a large area;

7. Delivery of urgent goods or documentation.

Cost of renting a helicopter, helicopter taxi

Despite the short time it takes to prepare a helicopter for departure (it takes one hour), it is necessary to take into account related factors. The cost of renting a helicopter is calculated individually. Price may depend:

1. On the model of the helicopter and the cost of one hour of the equipment used;

2. Location of helicopter equipment. The arrival time to the location specified by the customer may vary;

3. Flight time and range;

4. The time that the helicopter crew will wait for passengers.

When applying for a flight, it is recommended to provide as much necessary information as possible. This will help you make accurate calculations of the price of renting a helicopter, and will save you from unpleasant situations when you need to change the price.

Main advantages of helicopter flights

Renting a helicopter with a pilot has many positive aspects. Among the main factors are the following:

1. Speed. The trip takes three to four times less time. The optimal distance is 300-500 km;

2. Minimum requirements for the landing site. A platform with a diameter of 25-50 m is required. If necessary, a helicopter can land on the roof of a building, on a site with a country house, on a mountain site;

3. Good maneuverability. The helicopter is capable of delivering passengers along the most difficult route. The ability to hover motionless in the air allows you to carefully examine the opening panoramas and take photographs when conducting excursions, research or observing animals;

4. Security. Modern helicopters meet high safety requirements.

It may seem that renting a helicopter is an expensive service. But saving time and the existing capabilities of helicopter technology can become a fundamental factor when renting a helicopter. Moreover, there is always the opportunity to choose a helicopter model from a wide price range.

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