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Rent a helicopter on the website Tehclub at an affordable price as a helicopter taxis with a pilot, or to perform various difficulty levels.

Today, many are addressed to the website Tehclub with the application to issue a helicopter rental to deliver passengers for short distances. This is the optimal solution between traveling to the end point by car or flight by plane.

When you need to rent a helicopter

Usually renting a helicopter is issued for private trips or travels, but these are not the only opportunity. Among other options can be allocated:

1. Organization of excursions and pleasure routes on popular tourist routes;

2. Delivery of passengers for hunting, fishing or to the place of rest in nature;

3. Conducting wedding events or for other solemn cases;

4. For photo and video from the air of the territory under study;

5. VIP servicing guests arriving at festivals, concerts or other mass events;

6. Assistance in emergency evacuation, delivery of victims in medical institutions, patrolling a large area;

7. Delivery of urgent cargo or documentation.

Helicopter rental cost, helicopter taxi

Despite the small time of the preparation of the helicopter to departure (takes one hour), it is necessary to take into account the concomitant factors. The cost of renting a helicopter is calculated individually. The price may depend:

1. From the model of the helicopter and the cost of one hour of the used equipment;

2. The place of basing the helicopter technology. The time to the specified Customer may differ.

3. Time and range of flight;

4. The time that the helicopter crew will expect passengers.

When executing an application for a flight, it is recommended to provide the maximum necessary information. It will help to carry out accurate calculations of the rental price of the helicopter, and will save from the occurrence of unpleasant situations when it is necessary to change the cost.

The main advantages of the flights on the helicopter

Rent a helicopter with a pilot possesses many positive parties. Among the main factors, you can select the following:

1. Speed. The trip takes three to four times less time. The optimal distance is 300-500 km;

2. Minimum planting places. The platform is required with a diameter of 25-50 m. If necessary, the helicopter can land on the roof of the building, on a plot with a country house, on a mountain area;

3. Good maneuverability. The helicopter is able to deliver passengers by the most complex route. The possibility of still hanging in the air allows you to carefully inspect the opening panoramas and take photos when conducting excursions, research or observationanimals;

4. Security. Modern helicopters meet high safety requirements.

It may seem that rent a helicopter is an expensive service. But the time saving, and the existing capabilities of helicopter equipment can be a fundamental factor when renting a helicopter. Moreover, it is always possible to choose a helicopter model from a wide price range.

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