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How to buy or sell a bulldozer on Tehclub. New from the manufacturer and used.from. from the owner

Dozer – is the machine self-propelled type, whose main mission in zemlerobstva. Works on caterpillar mechanism or wheel tractor. In each vehicle there is mounted a working installation, which is located outside the chassis system technology. Technique is used for removing layers of soil. Essential in the planning area and movement (distance from 10 to 200 meters) of soil, valuable minerals and other materials during construction or renovations. The dozer can be used for the development of placers, complex work on the blade, in the process of rehabilitation, as a support mechanism for career. In addition, the bulldozer also is applicable in the work with the road surface or as a pusher. For example, it is necessary to fill the self-propelled trailer tractor and so on.


  1. a Bulldozer with a fixed blade. It is installed perpendicular to the axis in the standard car.
  2. the
  3. a Bulldozer with a rotary blade. Consists of two articulated parts, which are installed on horizontal surface at various angles relative to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle or perpendicular to it.

Bulldozers with any type of blade fitted with a hydraulic and mechanical or electrical drives, which are used in the process of ascent and descent, in the course of the rotation or skew to the plane of tilting in different directions. Each dozer is equipped with additional equipment to replace (this includes rippers, otkazniki, openers and many other items). This functionality significantly expands the scope of a bulldozer and more efficient in certain operations. The purchase of a bulldozer with conveyor or already former in the use of quite beneficial for organizations working in the field of construction and engaged in digging trenches, forming a smooth space, mounds and other works connected with soil. Quality vehicle will help you to quickly create the site, remove the top layers of soil, to transport bulk materials, to do the digging and falling asleep trenches and pits. The bulldozer is able to perform a large volume of work while maintaining high performance. It is worth considering that the new unit is not much different from the technique that was already used and has some time. With this price of bulldozer, as a rule, much lower than the cost of a new machine. And the quality and effectiveness remain the same.

Where you can purchase bulldozer/used?

You will be very lucky if you are able to buy equipment used in Moscow in good condition. First of all, you need to find a responsible seller who has experience with the technique and ready to give guarantees for further use. He should sell the bulldozer you. Website Tehclub provides you with that opportunity. On resource you will find a lot of offers from producers and suppliers. This section presents the vehicle of such brands: Komatsu, Cat and many others. Each customer can choose and buy a bulldozer that is right for his kind of activity.

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