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to Purchase a BRDM - the dream of every hunter and angler

Perhaps every man once in my life imagined himself the owner of any all-terrain machine that could overcome any obstacle. This is particularly relevant dream for those engaged in hunting or fishing. This car is not terrible nor deep moats, nor dense thickets.

ATVs in the USSR

Earlier, in the Soviet Union, attempts were made to create a SUV, able to overcome the obstacles of any complexity. The only problem with these machines was the total lack of comfort. This was a significant drawback, which influenced the overall impression of the design. Now the complete opposite of Soviet jets is demilitarized and is optimized for the realities of modern all-terrain vehicle BRDM-2.

What is a BRDM?

BRDM – armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle, a special kind of military equipment. It is a huge SUV weighing in at seven tons, making it the dream of every lover of off-road equipment. Only the appearance of the machine is a genuine admiration and respect for the creators. BRDM able to overcome any obstacles in its path, cross-country allows you to easily bring down even small trees. It also floats perfectly, not worse boat. Therefore, lakes, streams and shallow rivers are minor while driving, and the sealed housing makes the waterproof all-terrain vehicle.

structure Features

High cross BRDM – the main feature and undisputed advantage of the machine. All this is possible thanks to the basic all-wheel drive chassis that has adjustable tyre pressure, as well as additional gear. It is in the middle of the hull and presented in the form of a special auxiliary retractable wheels. These wheels help to pass the moats and trenches of substantial size, exceeding meter. In addition, demilitarized Rover has eight-ton winch, which serves as an auxiliary means in any situation. I Want to draw your attention that all military equipment, part of collection Tehclub does not apply to combat, which means that they cannot be used for its intended purpose. The presented technique demilitarized.

How to purchase a BRDM-2?

If you have any desire to buy a BRDM, this is not a problem. At the moment there are enough organizations with the authorization to implement this type of technology. But we should remember that not each of them is to trust a major purchase.

Price BRDM with the preservation

Interested in buying a vehicle at a reasonable price? Then you are to us! We have the range of the BRDM and BRDM-2 demilitarized conservation and other types of conversion equipment from storage. In the directory there are all available models of equipment. You can get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the machines and find the best price BRDM-2. Become the owner of the best high-tech military vehicles at reasonable prices! Also on the website Tehclub have the appropriate sections of the catalog where you can choose from at a good price and buy Tank, buy BTR and buy Gun for Patriotic Park or Museum of history.

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