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Flight simulators, Airsmulators


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Here is a wide range of training equipment, equipment for simulating airplane flights.

Basic concepts

Flight simulator (Flight simulator) is a complex of projectors and screens installed around the pilot's seat to create a virtual environment space outside the simulated aircraft (AC). Allows you to visualize the same external conditions as in real flight. It can be used to carry out simulation flights in mountainous terrain, over land and water surface, in a clear sky and clouds, in the daytime and at night, as well as to test various types of aircraft.

Flight simulators are a type of video games that simulate the control of one or another aircraft. Simulators that are designed for professional pilot training are called flight simulators. For these purposes, buying flight simulators is in most cases more profitable than using real equipment.


Aviation simulators are designed for pre-flight training of pilots. With the help of a hardware-software complex and integrated computational models, it is possible to simulate the dynamics of flight and the operation of aircraft instruments. As a result, the cost of a flight simulator in terms of man-hours will be significantly lower than the cost of training a pilot on real aircraft.

Pilot training on flight simulators is one of the key links in the system of ensuring the safety of real air travel. This makes it possible to minimize the negative manifestations of the so-called human factor, that is, to reduce the likelihood of improper behavior of the aircraft crew. Training on flight simulators not only retains its relevance, but becomes more and more widespread, since the human factor is still one of the main causes of emergencies in air transport.

In addition, the rapid growth in computer productivity has made it possible to improve flight simulators to such an extent that training pilots on them sometimes turns out to be more effective than training flights on real aircraft.

Benefits of flight simulators

The high efficiency of flight simulators is due to the ability to make training more intense, varied and in-depth. If in a real flight the pilot has to spend a lot of time on performing routine actions that are not related to the performance of specific training tasks, for example, for a long time "flying in a box", gaining altitude, flying into an air corridor, etc., then the simulator makes it possible change flight parameters, meteorological conditions, geolocation, and, if necessary, stop the task to analyze errors, repetitions, etc.

On the flight simulator, it is possible to calmly practice maneuvers in non-standard situations, many of which are either very risky in a real flight, or are completely prohibited. In addition, such training pays off from a financial point of view, although the price of an aircraft simulator is sometimes comparable to the cost of a real aircraft.


Flight simulators are divided into three basic classes:

  • Flight Procedures Training Device
  • Tactical (Full Mission Simulator)
  • Complex (Full flight Simulator)
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