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Cannons, artillery WWII


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Decommissioned World War II artillery pieces from the Tehclub (guns for military museums and pedestals)

Artillery weapons include guns with a caliber of 20 mm or more, used to destroy land, sea and air targets. The Tehclub offers to buy a cannon that has passed the demilitarization procedure, as well as full-scale copies of artillery pieces from 1939-45.

Artillery Facts: Typically, the design of an artillery piece includes a barrel with a bolt action and a carriage. The function of the barrel is to launch the projectile at a certain speed in a given direction. The barrel is a hollow tube, the diameter of which determines the caliber of the gun. Artillery weapons are rifled and smooth-bore.

How army guns work: A shot from a gun occurs due to the conversion of the energy of the powder gases into the kinetic energy of the projectile. Its movement takes about a third of the energy released during the combustion of gunpowder. Part is spent on the operation of automatic parts of the gun, reducing recoil (grenade launchers and recoilless guns), barrel rollback, etc. Another part of the powder gases is released from the barrel in the form of flame and smoke, as well as a shock wave, which creates a characteristic shot sound.

The price of a cannon for installation in a museum is influenced by what type of weapon it belongs to. Whether it is original or a replica. If the original, then in what condition is it, with restoration painting or not. This could be:

  • a gun;
  • howitzer;
  • cannon howitzer;
  • mortar;
  • mortar;
  • recoilless weapon;

In any case, all weapons and equipment are sold exclusively after demilitarization and have no possibility of military use. Great for museums.

Weapon classification: Artillery weapons from the list above, in turn, are classified depending on the diameter of the barrel (caliber). Distinguish between small-caliber guns (from 20 to 75 mm), medium-caliber weapons (0t 75 to 155 mm), heavy weapons (from 155 to 460 mm) and artillery systems of special power with a caliber of more than 460 mm.

Also, the price of a demilitarized gun of World War II or its replica depends on the type of troops in which it was used (ground or naval units) and on the functional characteristics of artillery weapons. This can be an aviation, infantry, anti-tank, anti-aircraft, ship and other weapon.

History: Artillery has been actively used since the beginning of the second millennium. If we talk about the guns of the Second World War, then their design features, tactics of use and functionality were determined by the battles of the First World War. By its beginning, the barrels of guns of the armies of the world were already equipped with rifled barrels, recoilless carriages and sights with a protractor. The shells of these guns were unitary, with smokeless powder, loaded from the breech side, and not through the barrel.

At the Tehclub, you can buy a gun of the Second World War, not only created before its start and in the period from 1939 to 1945, but also copies representing the modernized guns of the First World War.

This technique is very relevant in our time. Comes in museums, theme parks, centers of Patriotic education of the younger generation. The theme of patriotism in recent years, highly supported by the authorities. the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said: «we Do not and cannot be any other unifying idea, except for patriotism”.


Tehclub are searching backline requests parks and Patriotic organizations. We do restoration, repair, and delivery of the decommissioned conversion and engineering equipment. We are interested in a long-term partnership with each client, so the decision task approach a complex and at the same time individually. Also on the website Tehclub have the appropriate sections of the catalog where you can choose from at a good price and buy Tank, buy BRDM and buy BTR for Patriotic Park or Museum of history.

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