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Commercial electric vehicle has many advantages, including environmental friendliness, functionality and high load capacity. Such transport is often no substitute for works on private land, fields, farms and farms. So, cargo electric truck - an indispensable unit to work in the Park, and pedicab will appreciate the small businesses. if you Order an electric truck with load capacities from 260 to 750 kg, You get an economical way to transport various types of cargo. This type of transport does not require constant maintenance. For good performance it is enough just to update the battery life. Despite the fact that the transport is quite maneuverable on roads designed for other vehicles, use it is impossible.

How to use electric trucks?

the Main advantage of cargo tricycles – their durable body made of steel. They do an excellent job with the transport of fine bulk materials in construction and manufacture, farm, country house or hotel. In order to manage this means special rights are required. It is very convenient in operation, especially as to buy an electric truck is now very simple.

construction Features

Cargo electric truck – a convenient tool for maintenance of large plots of land that are far from highways and thoroughfares. Reliability and ease of operation allow to use the electric vehicle in a variety of industries and services. Working with technology does not cause trouble to the owners or users. Electric cargo tricycle has a wide, high-volume body, which allows to transport and unload materials of various profiles. Including fine raw materials for construction and manufacturing. the Undoubted advantage of such transport is also the presence of an awning. On this type of transport it covers not only the body but also the driver's seat on all sides. On the front side of this device there is a special plastic window. In the side of the load side in the tent, there are three rather large holes that can be opened and, if necessary, hermetically corked. Size tent height is also impressive. He is approximately 2 meters, so the person underneath can move freely. To order an electric truck for the transport of large materials, cattle, and other "roomy" things.

what's the benefit?

If you decided to buy an electric truck, you get to use a completely eco-friendly and multifunctional vehicle. It is suitable for the movement and transportation of different cargoes. The battery charge lasts for 95 km of movement, and full recharging of the battery happens in a few hours.

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