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We will deliver a plane from Europe and America

Thinking about purchasing an aircraft? The best option is imported models exported from abroad. The price of an aircraft from Europe and America is relatively low. We offer aircraft with all the necessary documentation and a well-known past. Most of them are on the go and ready to fly with you at any time. We have a large selection of small aircraft from the United States. These are extremely reliable and durable models that will last you half a century or more. Their casings do not deform or rust, and their engines are an example of durability. Do not forget about the ergonomic and fairly spacious cabin. European and American cars in their homeland are operated on high-quality fuel and with timely maintenance, therefore they remain in excellent condition . Here you can buy an aircraft from Europe and America for any purpose - training in flight, tourism, work and leisure. We will completely take over the clearance, carry out all the necessary procedures, register in the state register, ensure economical transportation throughout Russia, since we place 2 devices in one container.

Our aviation services

We can help:

  • buy a plane in Europe and America;
  • overtake the aircraft on its own;
  • peer review;
  • negotiate a lower price for aircraft from Europe and America;
  • repair the aircraft.

Our range of aircraft

We offer the following types of aircraft:

  • single- and twin-engine pistons;
  • turboprop;
  • reactive;
  • jets;
  • amphibians;
  • seaplanes;
  • sports;
  • during the Great Patriotic War;
  • classic.

We will disassemble, securely pack and deliver in complete safety.

Purchase of a turnkey aircraft

Buying a turnkey aircraft from us, you will receive:

  • car selection according to your needs;
  • document validation;
  • technical condition assessment;
  • negotiate price with the seller;
  • documentation style;
  • deregistration / registration;
  • dismantling and packaging (if required);
  • transportation;
  • customs clearance;
  • repair and maintenance (if required);
  • installation and flying on our territory;
  • transportation to location (optional).


  1. Question: How long does the whole procedure take for an American car?
  • Answer: up to 3 months.
  1. Question: what about European?
  • Answer: about a month.
  1. Question: is a service agreement being drawn up?
  • Answer: yes.
  1. Question: what is the payment procedure?
  • Answer: phased - paid:

- deposit;

- the cost of the plane and transportation to Russia;

- customs clearance, registration, installation and flight;

is our reward.

  1. Question: how is an aircraft transported in Russia?
  • Answer: usually on their own (either by our own forces, or independently, depending on the wishes of the customer).
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