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Directory spare parts for electric vehicle from the manufacturer. Buy at affordable prices

Progress does not stand still, but constantly moving forward. Currently worldwide, including Russia great progress has been different modes of transport, powered by electricity.

There are different types of electric vehicles. To a popular transport, powered by electrical energy must be attributed:


    Scooter - type of transportation powered by a rechargeable battery. Speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour. The maximum distance will depend on the battery capacity.

    the electric motorcycles - are considered to be environmentally friendly. The engine does not pollute and does not emit extraneous noise.

    e-Bikes - the product has a motor that allows speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour and above. The range is between 35-40 miles on a single charge.

    Segways model for an adult person can move at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. Very maneuverable and have a small weight.

    Gyrometer, powered by two electric motors and one battery. This vehicle is very popular among young people. Has a capacity of about 150 pounds.

    Electric vehicles, it is a complete road transport, powered by electrical energy. Electric vehicles have become very popular in recent years.

    Ecomobility, this kind of transport is very easy to maintain. There are different versions of this electric vehicle, including six models for collective travel.

    Electrostaticly is silent transport speeds of about 60 kilometers per hour. Carries up to two hundred pounds of payload. Can ride on the paved road and rough terrain.

to Purchase spare parts for electric transport will not be difficult to Tehclub

the Presence on roads of a large number of electric vehicles has given rise to many fans of this type of movement problem. People are wondering where you can order spare parts for electric transport? Now everyone will be able to do it on the website Tehclub. Today batteries are considered to be a commodity in high demand among buyers. Since the battery is calculated at a certain number of charge. Tehclub constantly increasing range of spare parts. Monitors trends in trim for vehicles running on electric energy. In addition to the batteries, buyers can order and buy in the catalog on the website of the charger to the batteries. the Owners of electric vehicles can find an assortment of different controllers, electric motors, gearboxes and control systems. Our customers will be able to choose and buy sets for creating electric bikes, cables, motor wheel and other electrical equipment. to Purchase spare parts for electric transport became possible after a careful study of our site and select the required configuration, in the event of difficulties in the acquisition of goods, our employees will help You find the right spare parts.
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