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Catalog of new and used ones. helicopters at affordable prices

This catalog sells not only Russian-made helicopters , but also imported helicopters . There are new and used helicopters, light-engine and heavy transport helicopters. We also offer a set of actions aimed at quick assistance in the selection of a helicopter, preparation, maintenance, paperwork. We work directly with equipment owners and customers.

Sale and selection of helicopters according to customer requirements

If you want to buy a helicopter: Mi-2, Mi-6, Mi-8, Mi-10, Mi-26, Mi-17-1V, Ka- 26, Mi-171, Ka-27PS, Robinson , AgustaWestland , Eurocopter, Bell or another helicopter at a good price, then contact us. Models of real Mi-24 combat helicopters can be made according to your order for a museum, a pedestal.


Put your helicopter for sale on a convenient site with a large traffic and target audience for free!

In order to place a helicopter in the catalog on the site, it is enough Submit advertise the sale of the helicopter on Tehclub , thus sending information about the helicopter. Or contact the manager if you have any questions.

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