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The gyroplane is also known under the official FAA term as a gyroplane, and the name gyrocopter can also be found. In fact, this is an aircraft, for lifting which a main rotor is used, which freely rotates in the autorotation mode.

What is the design feature of the gyroplane

The gyroplane and the helicopter are similar in design, but differ in some design features. The helicopter is lifted due to the fact that its main and drive rotor, together with the body, tilt forward, so at the same time propulsive and lifting force is created. The gyroplane also has a main rotor, which creates a lifting force, but in this apparatus the rotor rotates in an automatic rotation mode under the influence of the laws of aerodynamics. In flight, the gyroplane is similar to a wing with a positive angle of attack, deflecting backward. To develop and maintain horizontal speed, the gyroplane has a main propeller.

If we talk about maneuverability, then the gyroplane is much superior to the aircraft, but inferior to the helicopter. This is due to the short takeoff run (in the range from 10 to 50 m) and the impossibility of vertical takeoff. Almost all vehicles are capable of landing with short or no mileage. Now you can buy a gyroplane that can hover 1 meter in a strong headwind.

Advantages of a gyroplane

Considering that the gyroplane compares favorably with the price, it also has advantages over airplanes and helicopters in terms of safety. If the plane loses speed, it falls into a tailspin, while the gyroplane begins to descend due to the gliding effect that occurs due to the autorotation mode. The gyroplane does not need a runway to land, which is especially important when it comes to unfamiliar terrain.

A gyroplane is often bought for observation and filming from a height of various objects. It has excellent visibility and vibration is much less than in a helicopter. The device is allowed to fly in strong winds, up to 20 m / s.

Classification of gyroplanes

The gyroplane is divided into 2 types of apparatus, which differ in the type of propeller:

  • pulling;
  • pushing screw.

Pulling screw apparatus appeared first, now pushing screws are more common. Each type has its own pros and cons.

Advantages of a gyroplane

Anyone who wants to sell or buy a gyroplane should understand all the advantages of the device that are undeniable:

  1. Simple controls.
  2. The autogyro has a lower price.
  3. Not picky about the seat.
  4. Does not go into a tailspin when falling.
  5. Provides a soft landing if there is a problem with the motor.
  6. Unlike a paraglider, it is less sensitive to air currents.
  7. Less prone to turbulence than aircraft.
  8. An autogyro is a safe flight tool that will give you an excellent view.
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