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Here are the list of write-offs of these aircraft, which can be supplied as aviapartner, the layout on the pedestal.

If you are thinking about buying a real decommissioned plane or want the fuselage as an art object at a reasonable price, then we suggest to familiarize with the catalogue. We have a great offer, a variety of aircraft production USSR, Russia and the world.

Add as aviabaltika on the pedestal:


    classic legendary aircraft An-2,

    layout military combat aircraft of WWII the Yak-1, Yak-3, MiG-3, LaGG-3, PE-2 bombers, or the more modern MiG-23, MiG-25 or su-24.

    passenger Yak-40, An-24, Il-18, Tu-134, Tu-154.

All concerns with the transportation of the restoration and painting of aircraft Tehclub takes over. If you want to buy the plane without the extras - you can of course collect it yourself.

a Large passenger plane Boeing or Tu-154 for restaurant, art object a quest or a flight simulator.

the Idea to make a unique restaurant inside the plane is not new. This decision was implemented even the craftsmen of the USSR. Now this topic is again popular, especially in the rapidly developing China. View an interesting video as the Chinese bought the plane and opened it in a restaurant. Or best cafes in the world. However, we have this huge potential of the creative business is not yet implemented. Decommissioned aircraft also can be used as a cinema, a quest, or for other entertainment. Also quite a lucrative business is a plane with a built - in simulator- the simulators, which are installed in malls or other places. These and other aircraft will be able to search the directory for decommissioned aircraft. Complete aircraft with all the documents is sold under the contract of sale. We also have the Decommissioned helicopter on a pedestal, who are free to buy.
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