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Rent a Tank, armored personnel carrier, BRDM and other demilitarized vehicles

Decommissioned demilitarized equipment is rented out for filming, for corporate events, events dedicated to patriotic education, and marches in honor of Victory Day in Moscow and the Moscow region. You can rent real conversion equipment and replicas.

Rent of armored personnel carriers since the Second World War, Soviet and domestic production. Any man will love this original gift. Traditional souvenirs are no longer so popular; few people like them, because apart from cluttering, they have no use. A good gift should be presentable and interesting.

So, a present that will give unforgettable emotions to the recipient is the ideal gift option.

We recommend giving your man a ride in a rented tank. So, you have the opportunity to use the armored personnel carrier rental service. You can also rent a tank or other technical equipment that has been decommissioned from the state reserve and is now intended for individual races.

Give your man an unforgettable adventure. An assortment of demilitarized equipment will help you with this. Such a gift will bring joy not only to those who work in the military sphere. Every man, regardless of his type of employment, will be happy to ride on “combat” equipment, albeit in a demilitarized form.

Every boy plays war games as a child. All men are heroes at heart and dream of making this fantasy come true. Don’t think that this dream disappears over the years. A military mission in a real military vehicle will delight a man. And if he can also drive a vehicle himself, the emotions will remain in his memory for the rest of his life.

The opportunity to ride an armored personnel carrier is an incredible gift that will delight the entire company of the birthday boy. Experience legendary tanks from the Second World War. At the moment they are in a demilitarized state and are available for rental.

Renting an armored personnel carrier is an extreme and original idea that will allow you to have fun and diversify your holiday.

Each tank has a special character, which can only be felt while inside the cockpit at the helm. Think about it: you have a unique opportunity to touch a real tank, which today is found only in museum exhibitions. A few hours at the helm will make you feel like a participant in combat operations. The equipment has high rates of mobility and cross-country ability.

During the walk, you will learn a lot of interesting things about the chosen technology and feel the historical military flavor. And thanks to wartime equipment, participants in a patriotic event will be able to make the holiday more meaningful.

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