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House on the water


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Full house on the water, in which to live year-round - is now a reality.

Live in a floating house his entire family, use as a cottage to stay for the summer or rent, and earn. Apartment, Villa, yacht, 3 in 1. Many people dream of a house on the water with panoramic views. But the land along the coast is expensive and plots in sale small. As a result, people are buying an apartment in the city, the country and nature, if left money, boat or yacht. To live a few houses uncomfortable, and it is expensive to maintain. The houseboat combines the pros of all popular formats for live and relax.

floating house boat

houseboat - your best choice

  • don't buy the land, and a full live on the water
  • the
  • Spartaites in any yacht club in your city
  • the
  • Live with the whole family, a large area of the Houseboat

living in a floating house

Live at the boathouse wherever you like

You can moor long term at any yacht club of the city. Points marked on the map of Moscow and the Moscow region some of the yacht clubs where you can live on the Houseboat. Choose a place that you like.

Change location to life at any moment

You can travel on any water bodies suitable for movement of small vessels. Choose your view from the window.&In contrast to the classical apartments in the houseboat of scenery can be different every day. Today you dine with views of the Kremlin, tomorrow you in the forest, water surface, or views of the city.

House on water   view of the Kremlin in a floating house

a Ship's ticket to confirm ownership

After putting on water a houseboat is registered in the State inspection on small size vessels. As the document confirming your property is issued to a ship's ticket. To control the houseboat need the right gift. Their preparation is 8000 rubles, the training takes 2 weeks.

a ship's ticket for the house on the water

Taxes both for the car costs less than in a country house

the owners of the houseboat only pay transport tax for the car. Real estate tax no. Maintenance of all engineering systems of the houseboat costs about 20,000 rubles per year. While anchored at the yacht club electricity is included in the monthly payment. The engines of the houseboat operate on diesel fuel. a Houseboat is in fact cheaper than the maintenance of a country house.

  • rental space at the yacht club - 40 000 rubles per month
  • the
  • Maintenance of life systems - 3 000 rubles per month
  • the
  • Tax on boat - from 12 000 rubles per year
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