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Buy a conversion armored personnel carrier for civilian use.

Today in Russia everyone can become the owner of a real armored personnel carrier, albeit in a demilitarized version. But at the same time it is necessary to understand that the purchase must be made absolutely legally. Then there will be no problems with the law in the future.

The catalog contains the following demilitarized armored personnel carriers (APCs) for sale:

  • BTR-40
  • BTR-60
  • BTR-70
  • BTR-80
  • BTR-82
  • BTR-152

Buy cheap armored personnel carriers - myth or reality?

There are a lot of rumors in society about the mass of ads on the Internet, offering to buy a real army armored personnel carrier in excellent condition for a penny. Every sane person understands that no one will just sell military equipment to civilians, even after demilitarization, and the import of such equipment, even if it is 50-70 years old, is prohibited. Nor should you expect that the price of an armored personnel carrier will be comparable to that of a used ZIL. There are other problems as well. All the proposed demilitarized equipment was produced in Soviet times. Accordingly, its technical condition is not the best, and spare parts are very rare. It is really difficult to get them. In conditions when the legislation looks with suspicion at any transactions related to the sale of parts suitable for use in military equipment, an ordinary person may simply be denied sale. As a result, the repair of armored personnel carriers for a private person turns into a real epic, akin to a feat.

How is the purchase of an armored vehicle?

Today the operating armored factories sell their products only to government agencies. A private trader can buy an armored personnel carrier exclusively from companies that purchase scrap metal. As a result, an individual actually purchases scrap, not a vehicle. Moreover, the price of an armored personnel carrier will be far from a penny, and for a car in more or less decent condition, allowing its independent movement, you will have to pay several hundred thousand rubles. Company “Tehclub" specializes in the sale, repair and subsequent modernization of demilitarized armored vehicles. All equipment presented for sale has a "white" history.

Spare parts for armored personnel carriers

The supply of spare parts for armored personnel carriers and other armored vehicles is facing great difficulties, so our customers are the first to receive information about the receipt of certain parts... This will make it easier to maintain your armored personnel carrier.

Armored personnel carriers demilitarized

It should be noted that all the equipment presented in the range is demilitarized and can only be used for civilian purposes. Also on the Tehclub website there are corresponding sections of the catalog, where you can choose at a good price and buy a Tank, buy an armored reconnaissance vehicle and buy a Cannon for a patriotic park or a history museum.

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