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Did you decide to buy snow-ban? In this catalog are sold all-terrain vehicles at the best prices.

and in snow and dirt and water - these wonderful cars for all occasions. All-terrain vehicles in our time are buying both hunters and fishermen and companies that by the nature of their activities are dealing with off-road. Snow-born is the best choice of outdoor activities. Werethod is also indispensable for rescue and search. The catalog presents the best models of transport at optimal prices. Buy a reliable technique at an affordable price.

Movers of Pelc (Pelec) Buy at an affordable price on TEHClub

Get 2 years warranty on all Dzhetse all-terrain vehicles on the territory of the Russian Federation! There are dozens of off-road vehicles: "Pelts" unites them in one! The universal all-terrain vehicle "Pelts" will start in any weather and all year round is ready to fight the expanses of the harsh Russian off-road!

Unique transport for hunting, fishing and extreme rest

Prepare Sani in the summer! When buying all-terrain vehicles "Pelts Mini III" and "Pelts Cruiser III", a package of winter options as a gift. This package includes:

  • - Dump for snow cleaning;
  • - winch;
  • - Heated Pens.

We buy all-terrain vehicles at the best price, leaving the application on the website Техклуб.

Sherp is easily moving on any type of surfaces: the swamps, deep snow, sand, moving on ice and water. Each sherp wheel has a volume of about 800 liters. The total volume of wheels gives a displacement of more than 3200 kg. This allows all-terrain vehicles to move along the water, and the hermetic body excludes water from entering the salon. Thus, Sherp remains afloat even with zero tire pressure or without all 4 wheels. Buy Sherp (Sherp) all-terrain costs - Tehclub.

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