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Helicopter simulators, trainers


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Sale of equipment for helicopter flight simulators, flight simulators. Helicopter crew simulators, new, used. Manufacturing of flight simulators for helicopters of any type to order.

Choose your helicopter flight simulator. The catalog contains dynamic and static helicopter simulators for sale. Game simulators are most often bought for entertainment, the cost of game simulators is cheaper, and professional simulators are usually bought by those who want to learn real piloting, and the price of such equipment is more expensive.

For your special order for the production of a simulator, the required terrain is installed in it, visualization of the territory with airfields, similar to the real territory for flights. For flight training by pilots at their airfields and airports. Absolutely accurate map of the area with the ability to update online.

It is possible to manufacture helicopter simulators of a special type with maximum detail on a moving base for the state defense order of the Ministry of Defense. Such simulators can have different characteristics for different types of helicopters. For example, simulators for helicopters Mi-28, Mi-26, Mi-8\Mi-17, Mi-2, Ka-26, Ka-27, Ka, 32, Ka-52, Ka-226, Ansat and other helicopters. Also, game simulators of Russian helicopters, helicopters from the USA and the EU are produced. Helicopter simulators, trainers for sale Bell, Robinson and others.

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