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Aircraft Cessna 182R

200 000 $

Vendor code: 91191 4018 127

Aircraft Cessna 182R, 1986 y.

Vendor code: 91191 4018 127

200 000 $

Aircraft Cessna Aircraft Company Model 182R

Flight time 8005 hours.

Additional information on hapros.

This aircraft is an all-metal, strut-braced, overhead-wing monoplane, powered by a medium-power piston engine. The Cessna-182 is an improvement on the predecessor of the Cessna-180 and was the first to use composite parts. Serial production was started in 1956 and continued for 30 years. Further production was suspended due to falling sales, and was resumed only in 1997 in an improved form and with the prefix Skyline (Sky path) in the title.

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  • Payment: Wire transfer
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