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Airplane, aircraft L-39

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AviationMuner in this aircraft L-39 with the installation of the "turnkey" equipment.

Airplane L-39 is a real, written off and derived from the register of aviation. During the flight on the airliner, the maximum involvement of all the necessary sensors and control systems for full immersion in real flight takes place. A high-quality audio system is established, vibrator, lighting in the real cockpit of the pilot of the L-39 aircraft. Piloting occurs by exposure to regular control levers.

Flight image on the airline can be output in different ways:

  • Projector in front of the aircraft,
  • Monitors built into the windows,
  • VR-helmet.

There are many detailed virtual airfields, airports and other areas for flights on the airlinter.

It is possible to commercial use of this aircraftmulator, or for private purposes.

  • State: Used

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